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More people cycling, more places, more often

About the GVCC



Mission & Vision

The purpose of the GVCC is to get more people cycling more places more often in Greater Victoria by:

  • Improving cycling education
  • Facilitating communication between cyclists, government, and other community groups
  • Improving facilities for bicycle use
  • Improving the legal climate for cyclists
  • Encouraging more people to ride bicycles more often
  • Developing a cycling information base


  • Lobbied successfully for over 26 years of infrastructure projects such the Galloping Goose & Lochside Regional Trails, Shelbourne Valley Action Plan bike lanes, Biketoria, Pandora protected bike lanes and much more
  • Lobbied successfully for bike lanes, improved bike parking, and bicycle-triggered traffic lights throughout Greater Victoria
  • Lobbied successfully for bike racks on buses and bike lockers at Park ‘n Rides


  • Publish Cycle Therapy, a magazine devoted to cycling issues
  • Support cyclist education programs
  • Participate in bicycle safety and awareness campaigns to promote safe cycling
  • Helped develop (with the UVic Environmental Law Centre) the Cyclist’s Collision Checklist: Promoting Safer Cycling


  • Organize themed rides to help get more people cycling, more places, more often
  • Organize events to promote Victoria’s cycling culture

To reach the GVCC please email

Media requests: The GVCC is available for interviews. Please email

Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition (GVCC)
709 Yates St., PO BOX 8586, Station Central

Victoria, BC V8W 3S2


GVCC Board of Directors 2016 – 2017

  • President: Edward Pullman     email:
  • Vice President: Breanna Merrigan
  • Treasurer: Alex Nagelbach
  • Secretary: Emily Rogers
  • Cyrus Molavi
  • Glenys Verhulst
  • Matthew Webb
  • Rob Rao
  • Kristy Westendorp
  • Joseph Pelegrino
  • Corey Burger

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