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More people cycling, more places, more often



The GVCC is working with cyclists, citizens, and local government to improve cycling infrastructure in the greater Victoria area.  The GVCC has provided detailed commentary on the following bicycle-related  projects and plans. We have also issued and published stand-alone reports to address important issues and topics which we believe will enhance and advance the future of transportation cycling in our region.

GVCC comments on Victoria’s Biketoria plan (Feb 10, 2015)

Victoria’s Biketoria plans are crossing some key decision points and priority setting in next few weeks. The GVCC has reviewed the plans and proposals to date, and offers the following feedback and assessments of Biketoria’s key design ideas and the various proposed routes.  Click to see our detailed comments here: Biketoriaroutes final1

The GVCC strongly supports the overall Biketoria initiative; we look forward to working with elected officials, City staff and the broader Victoria community as we move toward a complete and comfortable network of bike routes that will connect and traverse the city – one that will attract more people to ride more often, or to newly discover the convenience and joy of everyday bike riding in the city.

CRD Regional Trails Management Plan

In late January 2016, the GVCC provided a detailed response to the Capital Regional District’s Regional Trails Management Plan (RTMP). We strongly believe the CRD needs to manage the trails as key green transportation corridors, with a view to mitigating the conflicts and issues arising from increasing ridership and different trail users. Most of these issues can be resolved by investments in trail design and effective trail management. We are broadly supportive of the vision and actions outlined in RTMP plan. The region’s multi-use trails are the crown jewel of the transportation biking network in our region, but for too long have been treated solely as recreational corridors. On a daily basis, people on bikes use the trails for commuting, for access to services and other everyday destinations, for exercise and recreation.

Our letter to the CRD’s RMTP process includes recommendations on the following.

  • Paving and equestrian trail usage
  • Adopt different Standards for Urban & Rural Sections – esp. lighting
  • Create consistent street crossings
  • Widen & separate out the trail
  • Maintain the trail as part of the transportation network
  • Make wayfinding & maps consistent
  • Adopt AAA standards for on-street trail sections

See our full formal letter to the CRD’s RTMP input here:  GVCC-CommentonDraftTrailsMgmtPlan

Bikes Mean Business

Can new and better bike lanes provide a strong return on investment for Victoria citizens and businesses? How can a vibrant cycling community help sustain the local Victoria economy? Most definitely, and in multiple ways, says this new GVCC report, called Bikes Mean Business.

Shelbourne Street

Shelbourne is a major connector route used by thousands of vehicles daily. Cyclists, just the same as drivers, use it to get to work and businesses along the Shelbourne corridor: it’s the most direct route. READ MORE

Victoria Cycling Concepts – Workshop Report

In Nov. 2013, the GVCC hosted a bike planning workshop at the Central Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library. The event was designed to prompt interest in City of Victoria’s Bicycle Master Plan Update in Spring 2014.

In a two-hour workshop, fifty participants used maps and markers to identify and discuss potential  improvements to the city’s cycling network.  What routes should be added or connected to create a fully-functional cycling network?  What design  treatments will make cycling more enjoyable and comfortable?  How can we celebrate bike riding in Victoria, and how can we educate each other, motorists and citizens to get more people cycling more often?  This GVCC report summarizes the results.

PCMP Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan

The CRD has put together an excellent, far-reaching plan for the future of cycling and walking in Victoria. Over the next 25 years, Victoria will grow, and there are going to be awesome bike lanes. Read about the plan: PCMP 

Vision 2020

The GVCC envisions increasing cycling as a percentage of total vehicle trips to 20% mode share by the year 2020. How can this be done? READ MORE

Johnson Street Bridge

Victoria voters approved the construction of a new bridge in 2010, a vote the GVCC actively supported. We continue to keep an eye on the bridge, and the designs for its replacement. READ MORE

Admirals Road 

Admirals Road is an arterial road with higher volumes of speed and traffic, necessitating a need for enhanced separation between bicycles and motor vehicles. READ MORE