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Admirals Road & Craigflower Bridge

Admirals Road is a busy arterial street running from north-south from the Mckenzie Interchange in the all the way to the shore of Esquimalt, running through three municiaplities (Saanich, View Royal and Esquimalt) and two First Nations (Esquimalt & Songhees Nations). Much of the corridor now has bike lanes, with both Esquimalt and Saanich adding along most of the route, while Saanich and View Royal cooperated to replace the Craigflower Bridge, adding raised, protected bike lanes on the bridge itself.

But while these new bikeways are good, a few issues remain. Except on Craigflower Bridge itself, none fo the bike lanes meet the All-ages and Abilities standard, as well as critical gaps remain. The GVCC will continue to work with Esquimalt, View Royal, Saanich, the Ministry of Transporation & Infrastructure, Esquimalt Nation and Songhees Nations to close these gaps & upgrade these bike lanes.

What we’ve done:

In January 2013, Edward Pullman and Ryan Mijker presented our Vision 2020 to Esquimalt Council, outlining our vision for Admirals Rd. Based on community input including our presentation, Esquimalt staff added buffering to the then proposed bike lane and continued the bike lane through some intersections.

Enhanced buffers for cyclists on Admirals Road (Class 1 Cycling Facility)

Protected bike lane with armadillos along Admirals Rd

How you can help:

  1. Contact Esquimalt Engineering & Council asking for barriers in the already-buffered bike lane
  2. Contact View Royal Engineering & Council to ask them to add protected bike lanes to close the gap from Hallowell Rd to Craigflower Rd

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