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More people cycling, more places, more often

Bikes Mean Business in Today’s Time Colonist

Bikes Mean Business in Today’s Time Colonist


From today’s Times Colonist by Roger White

Some retailers believe catering to cyclists is bad for business. Why?

They think most shoppers drive automobiles to Victoria’s downtown. Therefore, when it comes to customers, the motorist reigns supreme. And narrowing the streets with bicycle lanes or replacing parking spaces for bike racks is not a good idea.

Right? Maybe not.

Bikes Mean Business - GVCC Report - 2014A new study, Bikes Mean Business, indicates most patrons of downtown businesses did not drive automobiles to get there.

A survey conducted for the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition suggests only 23 per cent of people visit downtown Victoria by car. Almost half of those surveyed (48 per cent) came downtown by bicycle or foot.

For the Cycling Coalition survey, conducted over two months last fall, 504 people were asked in sidewalk interviews how they had travelled downtown that day. The results:

• 31 per cent walked

• 26 per cent took public transit

• 23 per cent drove an automobile

• 17 per cent cycled

• Three per cent took another mode of transportation (taxi, scooter, motorcycle)

Surprisingly, the survey suggests people who drive cars to get to downtown Victoria are in a minority.

There’s more. When the Cycling Coalition crew asked downtown visitors….READ ON TIMES COLONIST

Read the Bikes Mean Business Report – Just out! (PDF)