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Construction update on the McKenzie Interchange

Construction update on the McKenzie Interchange

We recently met with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the CRD and Jacob Bros. regarding conflicts along the Galloping Goose Regional Trail that are occurring from the McKenzie Interchange construction. The most important note is that the dismount signs are considered optional, just please bike slowly through the area.

There is currently a lot of potential for conflict along the trail between Grange Road and McKenzie Avenue, as the trail is being used by construction workers to get around the construction site, and to store machinery, equipment and vehicles.  Jacob Bros is doing their best to keep the trail clear throughout peak cycling times.  They have added dismount signs because of safety concerns for both cyclists and workers.  Despite the dismount signs, they have assured us that they have no issue with slow, considerate cycling through the construction area.

Please bike slowly and use extreme caution when workers are on the trail.

Jacob Bros has also asked that you please use your bell or voice when approaching workers/flaggers because these workers cannot hear you approach due to the general construction noise.

Temporary trail coming

Work is currently underway on blasting, and removing rock and organic material adjacent to the Goose from Grange to the current pedestrian overpass.  Around Christmas, the Goose will be relocated to this area (closer to the schools).  For several months, this relocated Goose section will not be paved – it will be surfaced with some form of crushed gravel.

There will be construction fencing placed on each side of the relocated Goose as construction continues.  Suggested dismount signs will also be added for this section due to the change in surface treatments (i.e., from paved to gravel) which may not be suitable for some bikes with narrow tires.

Please expect that trips through this section of the Goose will take a bit more time than you are used to, and show patience and courtesy with all the workers who are helping to build us a new section of the Goose.

If you have any questions or concerns about construction along the Goose, please contact us at