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Goose ridership grows after Pandora opening

Goose ridership grows after Pandora opening

Ridership on the Galloping Goose Regional Trail grew by more than 9% from May to December 2016/2017 after the May 2017 opening of the Pandora protected bike lane, according to numbers from the City of Victoria & the CRD’s automated counter on the Galloping Goose Trail at Harbour Rd.

“The growing ridership of the existing Galloping Goose shows the power of bike lane networks, even though the Goose won’t directly connect with the Pandora lane until the new Johnson St Bridge opens. The growth highlights the need to keep moving with building out the rest of the downtown AAA bikeway grid on Wharf, Humboldt and Cook St,” said Corey Burger, Policy & Infrastructure Chair of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition.

Ridership in the past three years has largely correlated with weather – months with more daylight, higher temperature and less rain have higher ridership. Despite similar temperatures from May to December in the past three years, ridership increased in 2017 by 9.3%. (see key facts)

Many studies, including a recent SFU survey of Victoria-area residents, show that people want to bike more but consistently identify a lack of safe and connected bike routes as a major deterrent. The growing ridership on the Goose demonstrates that people will ride more as the bikeway network grows.

“With the opening of the new bridge and the new protected bike lanes on Fort St and Wharf Streets in 2018, the GVCC expects ridership to grow even more.” Burger said



Key Facts:

Total bike trips, Harbour Rd bike counter (May to Dec)

2015: 435,335

2016: 433,143

2017: 473,547

Average Daily Temperature, Gonzales Weather Station (May to Dec)

2015: 13.0 C

2016: 12.7 C

2017: 12.5 C

URL for CRD & City of Victoria counter:

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  1. Nice data work, GVCC! The bike haters also hate data 🙂