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The Pedaler has a new, self-guided bike tour!

The Pedaler has a new, self-guided bike tour!

The Pedaler is offering a new and unique new bike tour: Victoria by Bike Quest!


Victoria By Bike Quest is a smart phone enabled self-guided bike tour that includes location based puzzles to solve along the route. Correctly solving each puzzle unlocks directions to the next location, and fun facts and historical information is provided along the way. It even tells participants where nearby washrooms are and areas where a food and drink stop is appropriate! The Pedaler provides a paper map just in case, and puzzles can be skipped so no one gets lost or stuck.


How do you play?

First, visitors download the free ClueKeeper app on their smartphone (either Android or iPhone will work). Next, they enter the Hunt Code, which is provided by The Pedaler at the shop. Once the code is entered the directions, route, puzzles, clues and quest information is downloaded to your device. Only one app download is necessary for each group. Questers are welcome to bring their own bikes, or rent one from The Pedaler (pedal bikes are discounted with a Quest purchase). You DO NOT need a data plan to play!


How much is it?

The game is $24.99 CAD + GST (only one per group is needed).


How long does it take?

The game takes 2-3 hours (12km/7mi).  The route start/ends outside The Pedaler shop (321 Belleville Street).


Do you want to find out more?

Check out The Pedaler online at You can also email them at or call at 778-265-RIDE(7433).


Happy biking!