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2015 Tour Disaster – July 4th

2015 Tour Disaster – July 4th

The 2015 Tour Disaster is designed to demonstrate the important role cyclists can play in an emergency response.

You will receive instructions and complete a series of tasks across the city of Victoria on your bike, simulating the role cyclists could take on in an emergency response. Tasks will include moving supplies and information, searching for lost individuals, and conducting damage assessments within a local neighbourhood – all while navigating through a simulated damaged or congested transportation system.

A participant must safely carry envelopes with instructions, bottled water for personal use, and cargo in the form of 12 litres of water, two eggs, and to bring their own map. Bicycles must be“human-powered”. No electric or fossil fuel assisted devices are permitted.

The event also serves as an emergency exercise for Victoria Emergency Management Agency volunteers, who set up and staff an Incident Command Post at Topaz Park and various checkpoints along the route. Volunteers communicate by radio to simulate a major disaster when local phone lines are down.

Informative, a bit challenging, and lots of fun. Sign up today with a few friends!

This event is hosted by the Victoria Emergency Management Agency

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