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Belleville St block gets a new plaza & bike lane

400 block of Belleville in context with other bikeways

The 400 block of Belleville St right in front of the old Steamship building  is getting a new plaza and wider sidewalks, which is fantastic. The city is also going to be installing an unprotected bike lane in this block, something we had hoped the city would reconsider protecting when they debated it last week but sadly they did not.

We mentioned in our letter (PDF) that with heavy pick-up and drop-off traffic, we are concerned that people in cars will use the bike lane as parking. If so, the bike lane will not achieve its intended aim – provide a dedicated space for people, residents and tourist alike,
to safely and comfortably ride their bikes.

Hopefully as the city expands their bike network throughout the city they will build to an All-Ages and Abilities standard and we will keep pushing them to do so.

One Comment

  1. Yes — disappointing. What a great route it would be for tourists and residents to be able to ride a protected lane along the waterfront to downtown.