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More people cycling, more places, more often

Esquimalt Local Committee

The Esquimalt Local Committee (ELC) advocates for improved active
transportation options within and connecting to the Township of Esquimalt. A major focus in 2021 is to encourage Esquimalt Council to develop and implement an Active Transportation Plan that will result in All Ages and Abilities cycling infrastructure.

Ongoing Priorities

Monitoring Council Cycling Infrastructure Initiatives: Lyall Street, Lampson Street, Esquimalt Road, E&N intersections and Tillicum Road & Bridge are all areas that have had varying levels of focus and follow through. In recent years some cycling infrastructure design work ended without improvements (Lyall Street, Esquimalt Road) so the ELC is focused on seeing Council design work proceed to construction.

Addressing “Cycling Trouble Spots”: The ELC is a place to share concerns about problem areas and opportunities. Through tools such as and the knowledgeable ELC members it is a good forum to improve cycling in Esquimalt.

Fostering the Cycling Community: The ELC is comprised of a variety of cyclists from young to old, from ardent commuter to fairweather recreationalist. One of our objectives is to encourage cycling in whatever form people want. In 2019 we were at the Esquimalt Farmer’s Market on a few occasions as a way to build community and awareness.

Supporting Active Transportation and Climate Action: There are a lot of synergies and opportunities to improve walking, transit and cycling.

Current Priorities

Esquimalt Active Transportation Plan Development: The ELC was successful in encouraging the Township of Esquimalt to apply for and receive a grant to develop an Active Transportation Plan! The ELC is
keen to see an Active Transportation Plan that sets out a high standard for cycling infrastructure that supports use by a wide range of people (All Ages and Abilities).
Esquimalt Cycling Stories: “Why it matters: My story and why I want better and safer cycling infrastructure in Esquimalt” – Email us your story (300 words or less) and we will provide it to the Township of Esquimalt as part of the Active Transportation Plan development. To protect everyone’s privacy we won’t include your name or contact information in the submission.
Esquimalt Scavenger Hunt Rides: Are you passionate about developing a fun Esquimalt cycling route that links together local business, cultural and recreational highlights? We could use your help as we work on this!

Resource Documents

  • Sustainable, Active and Healthy: Esquimalt’s Bikeways and Community from the Esquimalt Local Committee of the GVCC (January 6, 2020)
  • Active Transport 101: Esquimalt Context from the Esquimalt Local Committee of the GVCC (Webinar, April 2020)
  • Active Transportation Plan Success Factors (under development)
  • *Contact the ELC for documents.

Contact Us

  • Send us an email with details of your enquiry or to be added to our email list.