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More people cycling, more places, more often

Give feedback on the City’s 2020 bike network plans

We have more thoughts on Haultain and Richardson below:

The City of Victoria is doing it’s 2020 planning to bring the AAA bike network into many neighbourhoods next year, including on Government, Haultain and Richardson. While most of the concepts are good, some need your voice so that they are built to a truly AAA standard.

Kings & Haultain

We support the concept here, but the plan needs another connection between Haultain and Vancouver St to connect these two for downtown-bound people.

Government St

The proposed protected bike lanes will make this a much safer place to bike, and we support the concept.

Richardson St

We have concerns with the Richardson concepts and we completely disagree with the idea that advisory bike lanes with up to 3,000 cars/day is All Ages and Abilities.

We urge you to tell the city to follow council’s direction that shared space (including advisory bike lanes) must have between 500 to 1000 cars per day

Kimta Rd

We support the recommended concept of a 2 way protected bike lane. The width of the road and lack of intersections make this an ideal design.

This is a great opportunity to widen and put lighting through the narrow section of trail from Songhees to Johnson Street Bridge. 

Fill out the City of Victoria’s survey below (closed)

The City’s survey is closed, but we’ll be adding our comments on the draft designs in the next days. If you want to help out with getting the word out, drop us an email below:


  1. I’m concerned about traffic volume being too high with the proposed advisory bike lanes. Further traffic calming measures are necessary.

  2. Some problems with a shared use bike way:
    -it’s not substantially different than what already exists
    -despite it being designated “shared” my experience with cars stuck behind cyclists is that they are impatient and often don’t recognize cyclists rights to the road and sometimes will pass abruptly and quickly to make up for lost time, which I feel is unsafe
    -my understanding is that buses also use this route and it feels really cramped: many of the home along the route have unoccupied driveways that could absorb some of the current on-street parking

  3. For Richardson it might be best to designate parking to only one side of the road to create more shared space for bikes and cars
    One issue with protected bike lanes is they tend to be slower (for cyclists) and are prone to bike congestion, which is tolerable in the city core but further out of the city it’s nice to have higher commuter speeds for bikes which is typically found on the road.
    When considering removing street parking are visual surveys done to see how much private driveway space is not being used regularly? It seems to me that street parking is often used instead of private parking due to convenience issues.

  4. The continuity of Kings is broken between Government and Douglas and Blanshard and Dowler. This will need to be resolved and with safe crossings of these multi-lane, busy streets.