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More people cycling, more places, more often

Help get better bike parking downtown

UPDATE: Victoria allocated $500,000 for better bike parking downtown in the 2020 budget, but due to COVID-19 it was deferred

Do you want better bike parking downtown? Right now the City of Victoria is asking about your budget priorities for 2020 and with our recent bike survey of over 500 people showing 80% of riders are dissatisfied with current options, now is a great time to ask for upgrades for better bike parking.

What did our survey find?

  • Only 20.5% are satisfied with current secure bike parking options
  • 80% of respondents are concerned about bike theft with 53% having had a bike stolen and only 15% of stolen bikes were ever recovered
  • Over 70% of respondents park on the street or in parkades
  • 62% of respondents would prefer a bike parkade or bike cage
  • The use of cargo bikes (7.9%) and bikes with e-assist (16.3%) are growing
  • 64% of respondents would be willing to pay a small fee for improved bike parking
  • 69% want parking close to their destination

You can read our full summary and recommendations (PDF) for more information

What are we asking for?

To allocate money in the 2020 budget to upgrade existing parkades with more bike cages, better racks and tighter security to encourage riders to come downtown.

Survey closed

Thanks all that submitted to the city and the city’s budget survey is closed. We will be organizing a Bike Parking committee in the new year. Add your name below if you’re interested in helping out.


  1. It’s great to have all these very convenient and safe bike lanes, but it won’t be very useful if everyone is afraid to leave their bikes downtown, especially should they want to come downtown for a meal or beverage (possibly impacting businesses?). Not only that, should you decide to risk the theft and park downtown you end up having to carry two (heavy) “U” locks and then removing all the easily removed gear from your bike which might include front and rear lights, water bottles, front wheels, saddles and seat post and helmet (this doesn’t include having to carry rain gear “just in case it rains”).
    I know that I breath an enormous sigh of relief when valet parking is available (a fee is acceptable). Bike cages come in second but here again there needs to some monitoring of some sort. Please set aside some money in the budget to address this issue. It’s the logical move to ensure maximum use of all the wonderful bike paths that have been recently made available.

  2. I agree with Cyrus, I am happy to bike through the city core, but I really do not like parking my bike there as there is not secure parking for it. This raises a problem because I would very much like to bike downtown for my shopping requirements, appointments and so on, A couple of months ago I had to renew my drivers licence on Wharf Street. I would have way preferred to bike down there, but the parking is so insecure. So happy to see this conversation.

  3. Thank you so much for the bike lanes in downtown Victoria! Please include funding secure bike lockers (including larger lockers for expensive electric trikes & cargo bikes) in your upcoming budget. I go downtown quite often & would love to ride there instead of taking the bus or driving.

  4. I completely agree with the comments above. I really hope the city of Victoria will add more secure/bike cage parking, as the perfect complement to the bike lanes that have been installed.