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Help get protected bike lanes on Lampson and Esquimalt

Esquimalt Council is considering bike lanes on Lampson Rd and some changes on Esquimalt Rd near the base entrance. Staff have suggested a few options for Lampson, but with your voice, we can get protected bike lanes on both.

Lampson St

Staff are suggesting five different options, with only one being nearly All Ages and Abilities:

  • Option 1 – No bike lanes are added and road cross-section remains the same
  • Option 2 – Buffered bike lanes are added to the road cross-section, with curb and gutter alignment maintained. Bike lanes are created by eliminating street parking and turning lanes from the corridor
  • Option 3 – The corridor is converted to 4.3m wide “shared” lanes, allowing cyclists to share the lane with drivers and preserving parking on one side. Existing curb and gutter alignment maintained
  • Option 4 – One curb and gutter alignment is maintained while the other is relocated to allow for a 3.0m wide “multi-user” trail on one side of the road, preserving parking on one side
  • Option 5 – Both curb and gutter alignments are relocated to allow for a 1.5m on-street bike lane, while preserving parking on one side.
Current Lampson St proposal

What do we support?

We support Option 2, with the following changes to make it All Ages and Abilities – specifically adding protection in the buffer and constructing bus stop bypasses

Our suggestion for Lampson Rd

Why not Option 4?

With the slope and number of driveways, a two-way trail or protected bike lane will have a lot of conflicts. Further, Option 4 is massively expensive and would likely require a lot of tree removal (and thus delay the building of a lane).

Esquimalt Rd (from Admirals to Canteen)

This plan is disappointing – it only proposed adding some curb bulges with 5m wide “shared space”. But between the existing curbs there is plenty of space to add protected bike lanes, better crosswalks and maybe even a bus lane. Compare the current proposal with ours:

Current proposal
Our proposal including protected bike lanes

UPDATE – council asked for bike lanes

Thanks for all your emails – Council has asked staff to come by to the 2020 budget with protected bike lane options on both Lampson St and Esquimalt Rd. We’ll update everybody when we hear more


  1. I would really like to stop driving my car to Tillicum – Option 2 is great first step!

  2. A convenient and safe route from Esquimalt center to the e&n trail would be very welcome, especially if biking with kids and during the major traffic times.

  3. I bike on this route with my 2 children. This would be much safer!

  4. I’m an older cyclist & would feel much safer with the buffered bike lanes as suggested in Option 2