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Help make North Saanich’s Active Transportation Plan work for all ages and abilities

North Saanich is working on a new Active Transportation plan and although a good step forward, it needs work to make sure that a true All Ages and Abilities bikeway network is built, both by better defining the network and what bikeway types are truly AAA.

Draft network does not provide enough protecion

The draft network North Saanich has proposed a network that covers the whole municipality, but what is proposed is a mix of trails, which are AAA, and bike lanes, which definitely are not.

Draft North Saanich network

We love the idea of adding trails alongside McTavish Rd and Lands End Rd, as well as extending the existing multi-use trail in front of the new Canadian Tire to connect with the existing Flight Path. But other parts of the plan are not great.

We suggest the following changes:

  1. Upgrade existing bike lane on MacDonald Park Rd (part of the Lochside Regional Trail) to protected bike lane
  2. Build new bike lanes on West Saanich Rd as protected bike lanes and upgrade existing bike lanes to protected

Define All Ages and Abilities bikeways in the plan

One of the major flaws with the plan is the lack of definition of All Ages and Abilities. The Core Network in the plan has three different bikeway types, which unfortunately mix together AAA routes like protected bike lanes and trails, with bike lanes and narrow trails.

Bikeway types from the draft North Saanich plan

We recommend that North Saanich follow the Saanich example, clearly showing which bikeways are AAA and which are not:

Saanich Active Transportation Plan bikeway types

You can add your thoughts and let North Saanich know that they need to create a true-All Ages and Abilities Active Transportation Plan below.

Survey closes Feb 10th