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Esquimalt looks at a Lyall St bikeway

Esquimalt looks at a Lyall St bikeway

Esquimalt is considering adding protected bike lanes on Lyall St with money they are receiving from the CRD to pay for damage to Lyall St during the construction of the sewage treatment project. The project would run the full length of Lyall St, from Canteen by CFB Esquimalt to Head St.

Lyall St is big part of the history of protected bike lanes in our region. In the 70s a very poorly built example of a protected lane was built between the sidewalk and the parking. That lane was subsequently removed in the 1990s after issues.

Survey Results

The township conducted a survey of residents of Esquimalt and found that most support building a better street for biking and walking and many were concerned about speeding and truck traffic. You can see the full results of the survey here (PDF).

Current design proposal

The current draft design (PDF) calls for minimum width (1.8m) bike lanes protected by parking without a buffer, a plan that doesn’t meet TAC guidelines for safety with parked cars opening their doors.

If a protected bike lane is adjacent to and on the curbside of a parking lane, a minimum separation of 0.6m is recommended to provide space for the potential opening of motor vehicle doors on the passenger side.

Transportation Association of Canada 2017 Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads – Chapter 5 – Bicycle Integrated Design, page 16

Our proposal

We are calling for a mixture of shared streets and protected bike lanes in the corridor, removing one side of parking to provide the required buffer space where the street has a protected bike lane.  This would preserve parking in the residential-only blocks, while still providing a AAA bikeway in the whole corridor.

How can you help?

1. Join the Esquimalt Local Committee. The first of the GVCC’s new local committees, they meet once a month to talk about local issues. Our next meeting is at Esquimalt Rec Centre on Jan 23rd at 7pm. Hope to see you there

2. Send a letter to Esquimalt engineering telling them that you don’t feel the current design is good enough. Ask them to build a design that meets TAC 2017 guidelines for width and buffer space.

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