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More people cycling, more places, more often

Our trails can be better, help us get there

Our trails can be better, help us get there

The regional trails are a well-loved, well-used and important part of the CRD’s transportation and recreational network, but as they enter their third decade, changes are needed to keep up with use and meet expectations. Read on and tell the CRD Board about what you would like to the see below.


In order to improve safety & comfort,  the entire urban portions of the Galloping Goose, Lochside & E&N trails should be lit, to provide a safe environment for walking and biking at all hours, especially during the winter months when there is limited daylight.

Unlit trails are a barrier to people. Unlit E&N Rail Trail

Unlit trails are a barrier to people

Separation of pedestrian and bike traffic

As the trails continue to get busier, further separation of bike riders from pedestrians is required. Mixing of the different speeds of pedestrians and bike riders inevitably leads to conflict. Two parallel paths, as the city has done south of the Selkirk Trestle, needs to built.

Rider on Galloping Goose Regional Trail with walking path

Walking on the edges of the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. Photo Credit: RA Patterson

Trail Surface

Our trails are starting to show their age – paving is cracking, wooden trestles are bumpy and more maintenance dollars are needed. One major trestle, Todd Creek, has been closed for years due to emergency repairs, something that could happen to other bridges & trestles.

Closed sign on the Todd Creek Trestle on the Galloping Goose Regional Trail

The Todd Creek Trestle has been closed for almost three years

What are we asking for?

  • Develop plan to light & separate the urban portions of the Goose & Lochside in 2019, as well as light the E&N
  • Commit that by the end of the 2020:
    • Urban trails are lit
      • E&N from downtown to downtown Langford
      • Galloping Goose to Wale Rd
      • Lochside to McKenzie Ave
    • Galloping Goose to Wale Rd & Lochside to Mckenzie Ave have been separated
    • Replace all wooden trestle surfaces with better surface within 2 years
  • Increase maintenance dollars to keep all trails in better repair

Have you say below and ask the CRD for more money & better trails

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Having problems with the above form? Send an email directly to


  1. Hello.

    Please consider ensuring adequate lighting of the galloping goose and e and n trails. Adequate lighting removed a significant safety barrier for pedestrians and cyclists using the paths, especially through the icy winter months. Maintaining the trails is a critical component of having the trails, which are wonderful for connecting the crd. Without these trails, my family and I could not explore our beautiful area. Ensuring they are maintained and well lit is the n cat step for continuing to invest in transportation. Infrastructure!

    Thank you,
    Niki sutherland

  2. Niki – remember to send an email with the above form so that the CRD logs it as feedback to their financial plan.

  3. I have tried twice to have my say but each time have gotten the following error mssg: There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later. My comment is: I am in support of the improvements suggested by the GVCC for the bike paths but would like to make one addition: washrooms! Having washrooms available on the bike paths will encourage more people to use them and increase comfort for those who already do. There are great designs available: For example.

    • Odd. It was acting oddly a few days ago, but seems to be working now. You can send your email directly by emailing

  4. The original link in the email my spouse received, the link attempts to takes you to: http://http//
    Not the extra http/

    Also, the send button on the page did not work, but I did send my message to the financialplan…

    • Thanks Ian – not sure what happened with the form. The typo in the email was all mine.