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Second-chance! Support a 30 km/h pilot in Saanich

Last October Saanich started asking municipalities across the region to join them in a 40 km/h speed limit pilot project, due to start in 2021. We asked Saanich and others to support 30 km/h, but they ultimately stuck with 40 km/h. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, that pilot has been delayed, so three Saanich councillors have asked to reconsider 30 km/h. This is not a slam dunk and in order for this motion to have the best chance of success, it will require a strong show of support from the public.

What’s happened since October?

Since last October, it has become clear that a region-wide pilot at 40 km/h was not going to happen. View Royal and the West Shore municipalities declined to participate, while Victoria decided on a 30 km/h limit. Oak Bay, Esquimalt and the three Peninsula municpalities have all agreed to 40 km/h.

Why 30 km/h?

Research shows that 30 km/hr is the speed limit that someone is likely to survive being struck by an automobile. The world is moving to 30 km/h, lead by the World Health Organization and the United Nations. School zones are 30km/hr to protect children – why don’t we protect them in the areas where they live and play?

Odds of surviving being hit by a car at different speeds
Source: It’s time to submit on speed limits

Within North America, the National Association of City Transportation Officials recently released their City Limits: Setting Safe Speeds on Urban Streets guide, which says the following:

“maximum recommended speed limit for any minor street is 20 mph. The maximum recommended speed limits are based primarily on speeds that minimize risk to pedestrians and cyclists”

This isn’t just theoretical. Toronto recently changed the speed limits on some of their local streets from 40 km/h to 30 km/h and found a 28% drop in crashes.

What sort of streets would this apply to?

Any street in the area without a centreline, which are mostly local streets, alleys and similar small streets. Streets that look a lot like the streets below:

How you can help

Deadline to comment has passed, thanks to the over 200 of you that already provided your input. You can watch tonight here

Before noon on Monday, March 22nd, use the form below to send your message to Saanich saying you support 30 km/h and commend their regional leadership in moving it forward. Be sure to let your friends and family know about this so they can add their support as well.

Even if you don’t live in Saanich, we strongly encourage you to send your email in, as other municipalities like Esquimalt and Oak Bay are following Saanich’s lead.

Since this is going to require such a strong show of support from the public, we also encourage you to register in advance to speak to this item, C1, on the agenda. Instructions for how to register ahead of time can be found here on the Saanich website.

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