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Street Sense Air and Noise Pollution monitor

The GVCC and the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network have partnered together to create a prototype air and noise pollution monitor called Street Sense.

Street Sense air pollution monitor

What does the project measure?

Street Sense measures noise (in db) and three indicators of air quality (the same that are used for air quality monitoring):

  • Ozone
  • NO2
  • Particulates

Where can I read more about the technical parts?

Streets Sense has it’s own Hackaday project page with all the details.

Can I help with the project?

Absolutely! Right now we need help with the technical side (getting data into a website and visualizing it) as well as the financial/granting piece. When we have a few more pieces in place, we’ll be doing a more general call out for people to host and use the device. If that sounds like you drop us a line below: