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More people cycling, more places, more often

Support a protected bike lane on Oak Bay Ave

The City of Victoria is asking for feedback about routes in the Jubilee neighbourhood, bordering on Oak Bay. We think now is the time to support a protected bike lane on Oak Bay Ave, especially with the recent “dooring” reminding of the why for protected bike lanes. Read on to learn how to say yes to this critical link.

What are the options?

There are three options: Fort St, Leighton Rd and Oak Bay Ave, with only a single route to be built in the near future.

City of Victoria’s Jubilee alignment options

We think Oak Bay Ave makes the most sense in the short term. Oak Bay Ave is a direct connection to Oak Bay and the businesses in the village. Leighton Rd is a non-starter for us. It leads to a dead end and connects to almost nothing. Longer term, Fort St is an important connection to the Royal Jubilee Hospital, UVic and more, so will also need a protected bike lane.

Why build a bike lane in a commercial district or village?

People on bikes want to go where everybody else does – to destinations. As most of the destinations are along major roads and are concentrated in urban villages like Oak Bay Village. That means the protected bike lanes need to go where the destinations are.

Further, as we saw a few days ago, streets like Oak Bay Ave are all too common places where people on bikes get “doored”. Thankfully the woman was ok, but it is a good reminder of the why of protected bike lanes – they help keep people on bikes safe.

How can I say yes?

UPDATE: Survey has closed, Victoria will be releasing the results soon.


  1. Fort Street looks like a better connector for future expansion. Also, it carries more traffic which could be a hazard.

  2. I think they belong on oak bay avenue. That’s where the destinations are.