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Tell Esquimalt Council: Build the Lampson St Bike Lane!

Post-Meeting Update! See the Post-Meeting Report-Out Below for how the community really came out in support of cycling! 🙂

Esquimalt Council is meeting Tuesday March 16 @ 6pm to discuss the 2021 budget, including a proposal to delay building bike lanes on Lampson street.

This is the second year in a row they have done so, and it’s critical you write to council asking they fund the bike lanes now!


Esquimalt has posted the draft capital budget for 2021. It suggests deferring funding for Lampson Street Bike Lane Construction and Design. This, despite the fact that bike lanes were already deferred in the 2020 budget.

Why Lampson?

  • Lampson St is a key corridor that connects north and south Esquimalt. It is an essential route for all modes of transportation: walking, cycling, transit and vehicles
  • Esquimalt is working to develop an Active Transportation Plan, but that is no reason to delay building safe cycling infrastructure now, especially on such an important route
  • Also, the proposed development at Esquimalt and Lampson should not delay the design either – any future development can be accommodated with temporary bike lanes through the construction, exactly as Victoria did with the Pandora protected bike lane
  • Esquimalt needs to fund Lampson Street design and construction in the 2021 budget without delay
  • Please tell Council why better cycling infrastructure is needed for you and your community. It is also helpful if you explain if you are an Esquimalt resident or how/why you travel to Esquimalt for school, work, recreation, etc.

Thanks! – Post Meeting Report Out

Thanks to many of you, cycling infrastructure was the biggest item of discussion at Esquimalt Council’s March 16, 2021 budget meeting – we were able to restore some funding for Lampson St. improvements! To quote Councillor Brame they received “a kajillion emails” (approximately 80! 😊). These emails told the important and real story of how people travel to and around Esquimalt, and why cycling infrastructure matters! After much deliberation Council committed to funding the design of Lampson Street ($75,000) but deferred construction to 2022 for the following reasons:

  1. Esquimalt will be consulting on its Active Transportation Plan this Spring and they wanted to ensure investments align with this plan.
    1. Your input on the Active Transportation Plan will be important for setting the right level of ambition and to provide feedback for improvements to cycling and walking infrastructure.
  2. Council is hoping to apply for grant funding for a portion of cycling infrastructure costs.
  3. Lampson Street has a good road width for a protected cycling lane but it is still a big hill; some Councillors wanted more information on alternative “North-South” routes.
  4. There is a major development proposed for the corner of Lampson Street and Esquimalt Road so there was some discussion about timing of this development and cycling/roadway upgrades.

Where to from here?

The support for improved cycling infrastructure was evident and it is clear that Council responded to community feedback. To keep this momentum up Esquimalt needs to adopt a credible and ambitious Active Transportation Plan with an All Ages and Abilities cycling network.

Stay tuned for additional posts about opportunities to participate in Esquimalt Active Transportation Plan consultation and recommendations from the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition and its Esquimalt Local Committee.

Join our local committee

For more information on the Esquimalt Local Area Committee and to get involved, visit our local committee page.


  1. Build lanes are important for the health and safety of the community.

  2. It is a nice wide street, so plenty of room for a bike lane.

  3. Active transportation is so much better than being surrounded by sheet metal, plastic and glass. Growth in this area is obvious.

  4. Very supportive of most bike infrasturcture projects and plans. Live in No Esquimalt & Saturna Isld and ride to and from town several times a month.

    Have been a life-long cyclist.

  5. This corridor is so bad I drive it. Until bike infrastructure is built, it will continue to be a single-occupant vehicle generator, emitting more and more carbon. It is fixable!

  6. I need this bike lane. I don’t go shopping 🛒 on Esquimalt. I live on Craigflower & Tillum . Too scary to bike.

  7. People think “why do you need a bike lane when the weather is nice?”
    It is for when it is dark and the weather isn’t nice that a bike lane is necessary to get people thinking about the other road users that they are not paying attention to.