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More people cycling, more places, more often

Tell Victoria City Council to fund all of Biketoria in the 2017 Budget!

The City of Victoria’s draft five year 2017-2022 budget is out and it does not include any new funding Biketoria. This means our downtown will be bike-friendly but the dream of a city-wide network will remain just that.

UPDATE: There has been some confusion about funding. The downtown portions of Biketoria Phase 1 – shown as the coloured routes in the map below. But the 2017-2022 budget contains no funding for any of the subsequent phases that reach beyond downtown (all the grey routes):

Biketoria map

Map of Biketoria by phase. Coloured portions are funded, grey are unfunded

We need to tell Victoria councillors to increase funding for Biketoria in the 2017-2022 budget!

Please help get Biketoria built by taking these actions:

  1. Email and thank them for building Phase 1 of Biketoria but remind them that let them know why better cycling infrastructure and complete streets throughout the city are important to you.
  2. Complete the City of Victoria’s 2017 Budget survey, and tell council to spend more on active transportation and complete streets, and comment on the need for more money for Biketoria. Fill out the survey here.
  3. Speak in favour of increased funding for Biketoria at Victoria’s budget consultation town hall on Thursday, December 1st, 6:30pm at Victoria City Hall.
  4. Join us as we ride from the Legislature up to City Hall before the budget meeting. UPDATE: We are meeting at 6pm at the Netherlands Carillon (in front of the Royal BC Museum) at the corner of Belleville & Government.


  1. Please maintain planned budget for Biketoria.
    Dedicated bicycle lanes like the one on Johnston street make such a difference for cyclists’ safety!

    • Marie – the planned buget (~8 million) is still there, but that only builds the downtown routes. There is no dedicated money in the 2017 budget for any of the other parts of Biketoria. We are asking for council to dedicate the funding for building those routes.

      Corey Burger
      Policy & Infrastructure Chair

  2. Please find this project NOW!

  3. Done. Everyone please do your part here.