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More people cycling, more places, more often

Themed Rides

Sam Macey speaks to the riders at Fernwood Square on the Architectural Tour

The GVCC’s Rides Team has been organizing rides for over a decade, and our 2019 Rides Calendar is here! Thanks to everyone on the Rides Team (Edward Pullman, Michael Fisher, John Perry, Darren Marr, Kathleen Fraser, Greg Merkley) for organizing and planning these rides.

Pace and Distance

The GVCC’s themed rides are meant for all riders- young and old, new and experienced. The ride pace is moderate (approximately 10 to 15 km/hr, depending on the route). If you are interested in faster and longer rides, check out Victoria Cycling Adventures.

Donation and Membership

All themed rides are by donation ($5 suggested). Your donations help cover our expenses and also support the GVCC’s advocacy efforts. If you enjoy the rides and the advocacy work the GVCC does for Greater Victoria, please become a member!


The GVCC obeys all traffic laws, and be sure to listen to the safety instructions before the ride. Participants are required to wear helmets and bicycles must be in good mechanical condition. All night rides require functioning front and rear lights. There will be rest stops, but we do recommend that you bring water and snacks.

2019 Themed Rides

Here is the 2019 Rides Calendar. Check back closer to the next ride for details on this page, or visit us on facebook.

Want to help out?

Looking for Recreational and other rides?

If you are looking for general recreational rides, we recommend Victoria Cycling Adventures

There are several riding clubs in town for faster, sportier riding. One of the biggest is Triple Shot Riding.