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More people cycling, more places, more often

Time for bike lanes on Oak Bay Ave and Fort St

The City of Victoria is asking for feedback about routes in the Jubilee neighbourhood, bordering on Oak Bay. There are a few options for where the new bike lanes can go, but we like Oak Bay Ave and Fort St.

What are the options?

There are three options: Fort St, Leighton Rd and Oak Bay Ave, with only a single route to be built in the near future.

City of Victoria’s Jubilee alignment options

We think Oak Bay Ave and Fort St make the most sense. Oak Bay Ave is a direct connection to Oak Bay and the businesses in the village, while Fort St connects to the Royal Jubilee Hospital. Leighton Rd is a non-starter for us. It leads to a dead end and connects to almost nothing.

Why build a bike lane in a commercial district or village?

People on bikes want to go where everybody else does – to destinations. As most of the destinations are along major roads and are concentrated in urban villages like Oak Bay Village. That means the protected bike lanes need to go where the destinations are.

Only one route?

We’re asking for both Oak Bay Ave and Fort St, as they serve different places.


  1. Oak Bay Ave is already a nightmare with pedestrians crossing wherever they want. Leighton is probably not suitable. I vote for Fort St which is less crowded than Oak Bay Ave plus…. more convenient for the many cyclists coming from north of Fort and Foul Bay — including the university. Those further south can easily use Richardson. ALSO, Cycling is already a bit awful between Fort and Oak Bay Ave.

    • Oak Bay Ave having lots of pedestrians is a great reason for a protected bike lane. It will slow down the street and make it better for everybody.

  2. Agree with Patty Moss. Oak Bay Avenue Is narrower and the shops there depend heavily on street parking. A very dangerous corridor if you ask me. Not just automobile but heavy trucks and equipment. Fort already has dedicated bike lanes it is predominantly residential with little to no parking on the street from the Junction through to Foul Bay Road. Most businesses on Fort have parking on site or in close proximity. Also why is Haultain not a consideration?

    • Haultain is far to the north and doesn’t work for those travelling south. And if the corridor is dangerous, all the more reason for a protected bike lane to keep heavy trucks separated from those biking

      • I disagree — Oak Bay is already busy, confusing and dangerous and adding more structures to the street will make it more so.
        Based on the responses, I’m not sure this is really a consultation…?

  3. Separated bike lanes on major roads are always a good idea. People who commute, shop, go to medical appointments etc, need to go on the roads that are more direct and have the above places on them. Please also re-consider Cook Street. It makes a lot of sense also, for so many reasons.