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Want better regional trails? Our next committee meeting will be in mid-February

Do you ride the Regional Trails (Goose, Lochside or E&N)? We want to invite you to our new Regional Trails Committee meeting in February, location TBA.

If you want to learn about the recent history of the regional trail, here are a few documents to get you up to speed:

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Regional Trail Committee Inaugural Meeting

 Registration is closed for this event
The first meeting of our new Regional Trail Committee will be held on Dec 5th at 7pm. Come and learn about you can help make the regional trails a better place to ride
December 5th, 2019 7:00 PM through  9:00 PM
3100 Tillicum Rd
Pearkes Arena
Victoria, BC V9A 6T2


  1. I will not be able to attend Dec 5th meeting but I would implore you to do something to get CRD to smooth out the trestle surfaces. The trail seems have worked so perhaps we could get on with it.

    • We can add you to our list for notification of the next meeting if you’d like.

  2. I am unable to make this meeting but am hoping to have a discussion with someone prior to. Please have a representative from this committee get back to me as it would be extremely appreciated.

    • The committee doesn’t exist yet, so there aren’t committee members, but feel free to email me at if you wanted to talk about a specific issue

  3. HI Corey I had RSVPd “Yes” but am unable to attend tonight after all – my apologies as I was looking forward to contributing. Please keep me on the roster for the next meeting.

    • Sorry to miss you, but we’ll definitely keep you on the invite list for the next meeting