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More people cycling, more places, more often

Where do you park your bike downtown?

UPDATE: We have completed the survey and you can read the results of the survey here. If you want better bike parking downtown or anyway, fill out the form below to volunteer with our new Bike Parking Team

Interested in improving secure bike parking in Victoria? Ever worry about the security of your bike parking in downtown Victoria? Please answer the following survey to provide input to the City of Victoria on the need for secure bike parking. Your input will help us to convince and guide the City to make much needed improvements:

Survey closed

Want to help get better bike parking built? Volunteer below:


  1. I have lived in Victoria all of my life and have bike commuted since elementary school. I am leader of a BTWW team. When I lived in James Bay, I had 2 bikes stolen from my yard, around the time of Tent city. I now live in Fairfield and always take precautions of where I lock my bike. I love being able to go downtown and park right outside of where I am shopping, but in the last year or so, am totally paranoid of having my bike stolen from any rack or pole to which it is locked downtown so I am hesitant to cycle and choose to drive instead. I used to ride down at night to pubs, but now I would never leave my bike locked downtown at night. There are too many cases of people losing their bike to theft from locked areas at work or in their buildings of residence. I think there should be a group of people, which I would join, who become vigilant in searching for stolen bikes. The police can only do so much and they are successful in returning stolen bikes to their owners. We need to take back our pride and safety in being committed cyclists for all the right reasons.

  2. Larger covered areas with cameras pointed on bike racks would make me feel safest regarding leaving my bike locked up DT👍🏼

    • It is absurd how many bikes are being stolen every day in this city. I use 3 different types of locks and even then I know they can get through them. These guys are openly chopping and painting them around the city, I feel like very little is being done.

  3. I avoid biking downtown due to the theft rates. I would never leave my bike downtown for more than a few minutes.

  4. I would never leave my bike downtown (even if locked). I go with a friend, and one stays and “watches the bikes” while the other shops. I see people looking at the bikes, stopping, looking some more. I don’t start up a conversation, just stand there and keep looking (at them looking at me), then they wander off. Another theft avoided! This will not stop until there are some consequences for those who steal bikes. Returning bikes to owners is a wonderful thing, but what happens to the thief, nothing (at least that’s my perception). Victoria (and area) are rampant with bike theft, hoping this can be resolved.

    • My husband and I do that too. Or we pick a restaurant with a patio where we can sit next to our locked up ebikes.

  5. I own 2 bicycles; a regular 21 speed and an e-assist. When I go downtown, I will usually take the regular bicycle. My e-assist bicycle wasn’t cheap and I just don’t believe its safe to leave downtown, no matter how I lock it up. The exception – my hairdresser has a bicycle rack that’s hidden from the street and I will sometimes leave my bicycle there if I’ll be in that area of downtown. I’ll cycle to my hairdresser and use that spot whenever I get my hair cut.

  6. If I ride downtown,which I like to do, I do not leave mine unattended at any time.I keep my eye on it. Too risky.If I will be downtown for a longer time i walk,or drive,or bus;no bike..Had one stolen once and I really did not like that.

    • as you can see I’m a teddy bear but if someone attempts to take my bike there will be a tussle or 2.

  7. It seems to me that the risk of bicycle theft has greatly increased in the past two summers, and I will no longer leave my bike unattended anywhere in the city. I appreciate the safer routes to downtown and would utilise them more if I knew there was a monitored, safe and secure place to park my bike downtown.

  8. How ironic that millions can be spent on bike lanes & signals etc. yet one dare not leave ones bike unattended but locked anywhere in the downtown area… I’ve lost 2 bikes in the past year… VicPD recovered the second..

  9. I am very concerned that the fear of bike theft is dampening the desire to cycle for people. I work at a bike shop and so hear many stories. It’s really disheartening. Better locks help for sure, but desperate thieves will keep trying harder. Secure bike parking downtown would be great but I would also like to see the police take bike theft more seriously.

  10. My Wife and I Ride our Bikes Downtown much more frequently than we Drive our Car. Access is vastly improved and Downtown is very vibrant now. Parking our Bikes is usually an issue as most Bike Parking seems to be an afterthought, in a poor location, or nonexistent. Adequate, plentiful, safe Bike Parking that is front and center would encourage more Individuals and Families to consider Biking as a transportation option. We need to get away from Hiding our On Street Bike Parking around a corner, in an Alley, or anywhere out of sight. Front and Center is where it’s at.

  11. I would love to bike downtown more often — I really dislike driving a car there, the traffic in and out of the city and trying to find parking, ugh — and besides, the Goose is 1/2 block from my house, it’d be so easy to just ride. But all the bike thefts put me off. I found it sadly ironic that last month I drove downtown to attend a movie ABOUT cycling — I wouldn’t chance riding and having my bike stolen while in the theatre. My “crappy” bike is still nice enough to be a target. (Once, someone even stole something off my bike — my breakfast, which was a smoothie — like really? Gross). Anyway, since driving and parking a car downtown is a pain, and so is having your bike stolen, I just don’t go downtown.

  12. I would ride downtown more for errands/work/business if I had more secure options. I choose not to take the risk, as theft is so rampant, and my bike is expensive. With secure options I would ditch the car in a heartbeat.